Pineal Dub

“Spacious melodic dub electronica. Heyoka has a deeply psychedelic sound full of squelches, blips, sonic flickers and all manner of effected sine waves, corrosive synthetics and acidic programming. Driven by huge, lumbering bass lines and gritty programmed drumtracks Pineal Dub draws on elements of IDM, glitch, downtempo and displaced hip hop binding them up into a consistent dub framework, with a very low centre of gravity.

The overall sound is uncluttered, with repeating phrases and tuneful snatches cycling, alternating and cross layering. Naturally the keyboard stabs and echoed percussion that mark the genre are present, but Heyoka brings something of a dancefloor approach to the mix, promotional material suggesting that the disc be filed under ‘Downtempo, Dub, Breakbeat, Grime and Dubstep’.” read more of this review here.”

Kemek The Dope Computer Review: “So, do you really need an artist’s response to know that this is brilliant stuff? Really, by now you should know that if it’s on Muti, it deserves your dollars. You don’t even need to listen to it first. But if you really must know, “Pineal Dub” finds Heyoka achieving true greatness. Psychedelic, deep, dubby, foamy… this is what your washing machine dreams of when you accidentally leave a sheet of blotter in your jeans pocket and run them through the wash.”

Space Case

Space Case was the first release by “Heyoka.”  It came out on Muti Music in 2008