Algorithm is the long awaited new release from west coast bass music maestro, Andreilien. This time his use of modular analog synthesis comes into full effect with some of his most edgy tracks to date, also using self created custom NI Reactor synths and a variety of dynamic plugin blends, he takes sound design to scarcely explored realms. It is almost as if Andreilien has emerged from his swampy cave of fractals and bass to enlighten us once again to the fact that bass music does not have to be generic and formulaic.

The beats are varied on Algorithm, playing around with Drum & Bass, Halftime, Drumstep and Hip Hop, the energy is palpable and the atmosphere is somewhere between one of the best DMT journeys ever and an alien autopsy, but you are more than likely going to land safely on the next level wherever you are.

Andreiliens contemporaries recognize his talents alongside the likes of Tipper and Spoonbill, also having toured alongside Bassnectar and featured on some pretty interesting rosters, he is one of the west coast ‘Bass Music’ scenes’ most dancefloor energizing performers. Andreilien is also of course the more recent incarnation of ‘Heyoka’, his production quality continues to elevate and surprise even the most sophisticated electronic music ears.

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